SongVision is a two-weekly based online music video contest.
In the first week you can submit your song(s). After the deadline the video’s will be published on the website. Then you can submit your votes ‘till the end of the next deadline. After we received the votes we will reveal the results with the link of the scoreboard.

The Top-3 countries earn a bronze, silver or gold medal. All medals will be counted and classified in a medal table just like the Olympic Games. At the end of the year we’ll announce the best country of the year. Every new year we‘ll start with a new ranking. All historical results will be placed on the Wall of Fame.

Besides the medal ranking, we also present an individual player’s ranking every year. Normally the results were also based on medal Top-3 results. but in 2018 we use a different system based on earned Points in the following table:

You can earn:

Golden Medal: 5 points á song
Silver Medal: 4 points á song
Bronze Medal: 3 points á song
4th & 5th place: 2 points á song

1 Bonus point for each song if the song contains one of these two elements:
– Songs with other official languages than: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The other language must be at least 50% of the song
– If it’s a country from Poule B.

First week: New entries ‘till next Monday 21:00 CET. (Validity check by moderators @21:00, 9pm). Videogallery will be online at +/- 22:00 CET, 10pm)
Second week: Votes ‘till next Monday 21:00 CET. (Results will be published at +/- 22:00 CET, 10pm.)
Preferred countries: During the voting week ’till Monday 21:00, 9pm.) (See Rule 6)
Other countries: During the voting week from Saturday, Sunday, Monday ’till next Monday 21:00, 9pm.)
Reminders: If possible we’ll send reminders on Facebook.

The draw for the running order and order of juries will be randomized by the draw program:

A. For every Edition there is a minimum of 6 players needed.
B. The limit is set on 25 players and 30 songs each Edition.

A. Everyone can submit one or two entries, depending on the results.
B. When reaching the top 10 everyone has the chance to submit a bonus entry in the following round.
C. If there are more than 20 players, bonus entries will be reduced by 1 as long as the number of players grows. (21 = top-9, 22 = top-8, 23 = top-7, etc.)
D. In case there are less then 20 entries submitted during the evening of the deadline, or during summer holidays, we can contact the players which ended below the top-10 last round.
E. If there are less than 13 active players, everyone can submit 2 Entries every Edition, no matter the results.

Countries are categorized in two Poules. Poule A and Poule B. (Players & Countries page)
A. Everyone is free to change (both) countries unlimited.
C. All chosen countries will be published on the website during the days. There are no rights in case of delays. The time of arrival of the entry counts.
D. Requests only will be accepted by the contact form. Check all updates at the Players & Countries page.
E. We do not use small countries to borrow from bigger ones, but countries marked with * have special areas. (more info at the Players and Countries page)
F. After inactivity of 3 Editions all preferred countries of this player will be available on the Players and Countries page. Use the contact form to re-activate yourself as a player and choose your preferred country again.

A. Every player can decide to play with 1 preferred countries and have the exclusive right to submit with your preferred country during the voting week + monday, tuesday and wednesday after.
B. Every Preferred Country which hasn’t been chosen yet, will a free choice for everyone in that current Edition. After this edition the owner can submit it’s preferred country again.
C. If you are not playing regularly with your preferred country, the moderator can decide to make this county available for other players.
D. Check the Players and Countries page regularly for changes in the lists and poules.

All artists scan be checked at the Artist A-Z page.
A. Has to be alive.
B. Were born in the country, has parents who were born there OR has the official Nationality of that country.
C. From mother countries of special areas (players and countries page)
D. Every artist (also in a duo or group) can be submitted only 1 time for 1 country each Edition.
D. Every vocal must be traceable on Google / Wikipedia. If there are any doubts entries can be rejected.
E. DJ’s are allowed, but the vocalists nationality is leading.
F. Solo Artists can be submitted 3x each Calender year in any combination.

A. The videoclip of an Entry must be officially released in the current year OR max 3 Calender years earlier. (2015 ‘till 2018) If the Entry is audio only, then the releasedate has to be max. 3 years old.
B. Video’s must be shorter than 6:00.
C. Songs are free of language, also imaginairy languages, but it must contain words.
D. Medleys of 2 different songs in 1 videoclip are not allowed.
E. Instrumental versions are not allowed. (exceptions with theme editions)
F. Any versions of songs submitted in past rounds of SongVision are not allowed.
G. Regular Covers are allowed, but it has to be a release of the current year.
H. Eurovision Song Contest entries, parodies and covers of them are not allowed.
I. Preselection entries from the current Eurovision year are allowed as long as they has not be announced as the Eurovision entry before the current round has ended.

A. Go to New Entry to submit your video which can be embedded. (YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion)
B. Check if the video has an embed code. If not? Check if there’s an alternative video.
C. When a video has been deleted you‘re allowed to submit another video link with the same song. If you discover broken links, give us a sign.
D. In case 2 players haven chosen the same country and/or song, the moderator will inform the player who submitted the latest, to change it’s Entry.
E. Everyone receives a confirmation. Without this, entries probably have not arrived correctly. Give us a sign of you haven’t received it. (Check your spambox first)
F. It’s everyones responsibility to submit valid entries. We will do a validation check directly after the deadline. Changes only can be made one hour after the deadline.

A. Go to ‘Vote’ to submit your votes. The best 10 songs will be rewarded by 12,10,8,7-1. We also need your substitutes (11th, 12th, 13th and 14th place) in case votes are missing. Use this table to see the number of substitutes we need.

13 entries = 1 substitute
14 entries = 2 substitutes
15+ entries = 3 substitutes

B. You’re not able to vote for your own countries.
C. If we haven’t received the voting form on time, scores will be reversed after the results, rewarded with nil (0).
D. Everyone receives a confirmation. With your confirmation you can prove you have voted. In case of technical issues we need this to make your personal results valid.
E. Only active players can cast their votes. Visitors not. Are you interested to play? ;)
F. Everyone receives a confirmation. Without this, votes probably have not arrived correctly. Give us a sign of you haven’t received it. (Check your spambox first)

A. The results will be published on a post on the frontpage with a link of the scoreboard.
B. If there is a tie we will use the Eurovision Song contest rules:
First we’ll count the receiving votes from the most juries. If there is still a tie we will count the most highest marks from 12-10 -8, 7-1. If there is still a tie after that there are more winners.

The winner has the right to choose the name of the host city including 1 or 2 opening video’s. (For instance live performances or City tours). This information can be submitted by the ‘New Entry’ form. Mention the name of the host city in ‘comment’. The scoreboard will be made by the editors. Do you want to become an editor? Let us know!

All song titles, results, winners and medals will be saved at the History section. Use our YouTube Channel to watch historical entries.

Play it fair and be polite on Social Media. Players can be warned or disbarred by the Editors.

*** CHANGES ***

All changes will be presented on the website and Social Media.
If there are questions about the game or your participation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We wish you all lots of fun!

Romeo & Desirée
Team SongVision