Edition 161 from La France.. tellement belle!

To be more exact, we’re in La Belle France where 20 entries will compete for another victory after Charlie Boisseau’s ‘Tellement belle’ won the vote.. A very ‘nice’ moment for the winner, so our host city is.. Nice! Of course we’ll start this new edition listening after the last winner.. The participants: 1. United States – Hailee Steinfield – Capital… Read more →

Limerick: Host of the 160th Edition

Hello everyone. SongVision is celebrating it’s 160th Edition. This song is perfectly for this Edition… For the 2nd time Patrick Kelly took the Trophy for Ireland. For the first time with Golden age. And of course 160 Edition is Gold worthy! And here is the winning song of te previous Edition, live! Now it’s time for the part of the… Read more →