Author: Desirée

Edition 162 – Balatonfüred

Welcome to Hungary for Edition 162. Since big parts of Europe are enjoying full summer it’s time to cool down near a lake, so we’ve arrived to Balatonfüred – you may have guessed already: on the Balaton lake in the West of Hungary. And of course we start with last round’s winners live before getting to know our 20 participants:… Read more →

Edition 161 from La France.. tellement belle!

To be more exact, we’re in La Belle France where 20 entries will compete for another victory after Charlie Boisseau’s ‘Tellement belle’ won the vote.. A very ‘nice’ moment for the winner, so our host city is.. Nice! Of course we’ll start this new edition listening after the last winner.. The participants: 1. United States – Hailee Steinfield – Capital… Read more →