Author: Desirée

Edition 156 – Lillehammer welcomes us!

Last edition the voting was very close with the Kristian Kristensen narrowly winning. Thanks to him and the song ‘Kan Du Lære Mæ?’ the new round takes place in the Norwegian city of Lillehammer. Let’s hear the winning song one more time! There are 23 entries for the new round: 1. Portugal – Anjos – Para longe 2. Belarus –… Read more →

Edition 154 – The results

After a week of voting the votes have been counted and of course we have a winner! Will it be a close victory or rather a runaway winner.. or even both somehow? Time to find out here. Be sure to send your entry/entries until next Monday 2 April if you haven’t done so yet and Happy Easter for who will… Read more →

Edition 154 – Thessaloniki begins!

After almost three and a half year Greece has finally managed to win Songvision again! So for the next edition, 154 already, we travel to Thessaloniki.. Of course – before hearing the songs of this round – we get to listen to the last winner, Nikos Oikonomopoulos with Gia kapio logo These are the songs of edition 154: 1. Croatia… Read more →

Edition 152 – The results

Another round is over already so it’s time to find out who won edition 152! Unfortunately one participant hasn’t voted which means that two songs have been put to zero using the substitute votes. On a happier note, this edition Anna has made her debut in Songvision so let’s give her a warm welcome! As always, entries for the new… Read more →