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Jubilee Edition – 150!

Good evening everyone. For almost 5,5 years this contest does exist with 3051 songs, 450 medals, more than 80 submitted countries and 40 players. What a fantastic history! We are proud to be part of this contest. We are going back to history with the first entry, the first winner and the last place of the 1st Edition and …… Read more →

Edition-149: A brand new year from paradise

Good evening everyone. Welcome to Port Louis, Mauritius. This little Island won the previous Edition, thanks to Jane Constance. She has something nice to announce. After her victory she also decided to represent the French preselection of Eurovision 2018. But now she will sing her winning song live! Let’s give a big applause to the 18 contenders for the 149th… Read more →

Results from Canberra

Good evening! We are ready to announce the results for the 147th Edition. And for the next Edition we just want to give a little reminder that it’s a special Edition. The Asia and Africa. Songs from these countries OR songs from other countries with a theme, title or videoclip about Asia / Africa. We wish you the best of… Read more →

Edition-147 live from Canberra

Canberra Winner Edition-146 Good morning Down under and good evening Europe! For the 3rd time the contest is back in Australia. The host of the evening is Delta Goodrem. Winner of the 91st Edition. She will open the show with this beautiful medley …   Before we announce the 22 contestants of this Edition we have 3 special announcements. Read… Read more →