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Live results from Barcelona

Good evening everyone, tonight it will be an exciting voting with close results. But first this: We made a mistake in the previous round by forgetting to put a second entry online from Rick. Because of this he will get 1 point in the rankings. And now the results: Click here to watch the scoreboard. Good luck! Read more →

Edition 155: Feel the vibe from Barcelona!

Welcome to Barcelona. One of the most important city’s of Spain. And for the first time SongVision will be organized here. Let’s open the show with the Spanish winner from the previous Edition… Let’s give a warm welcometo the 23 participants … in order of performance we present … 1 . Spain – Pastora Soler – Ni una más 2… Read more →

Prague is our host for the 153th Edition

Hello World, welcome to Prague! We are proud and honoured to host the show in Prague. We present you a classical and modern mixed song about the Moldau. In Czech it’s called: ‘Vltava’. Discover the impressions of Prague. Let’s hear the winning song of the previous Edition: Last Editions 2 new players has joined the contest. For those who didn’t… Read more →