Edition-158 from Acapulco!

Hello everyone. SongVision will be organized in Acapulco this edition with thanks to the victory of this entry … Before we start the new Edition there will be some changes we want to share with you all. These changes will be valid within the next edition.   The rule with the Preferred countries will be changed. – Within the next… Read more →

Results from Göteborg

Good evening everyone. live from Göteborg.. We will anounce you the results within a couple of seconds. And for Mikolasfrom Czech Republic and all the other participants and players in Lisbon @Eurovision. Have a wonderful show. Enjoy it! Click here for the results. Read more →

Edition 157: Göteborg

 For the second time in history of the SongVision contest it will be held in Göteborg. We give a warm welcome to all 19 delegations. A little less then normal, because some players are in Lisbon right now because of the Eurovision Songcontest. We wish them a lot of fun the forthcoming week. Before we start with the 19… Read more →